Tools for combining Savings Groups and other activities

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Select, Plan and Manage training (SPM)

The SPM training is designed to help individual members of groups “Select, Plan and Manage” income generating activities. The training was originally designed to be delivered by the same people who train in group procedures, but as the training has spread, it has developed many new forms, some of which are designed for an outside professional trainer.

Enterprise Your Life

This is described as “an innovative, youth-focused training curriculum built upon coaching and applied learning methodologies. It is designed to transfer key enterprising life skills to youth to empower them to engage in a wide range of income generating activities. Through the use of short, targeted training sessions incorporating visual aids and learning activities, supplemented by on-going coaching, youth are able to develop the entrepreneurial mindset necessary for business success.”

IMA FIELD OFFICE TRAINING GUIDE – LINKING Savings groups to intermediate marketing associations

Plan Tanzania has grouped Savings Groups into higher-level structures called Intermediate Marketing Associations (IMAs). Although any grouping of SGs should be done with much deliberate care and caution, Plan seems to have achieved good results, in part because it has carefully documented their approach, prepared comprehensive training materials, and maintains a presence in the area.

Gender toolbox
Caja de Herramientas de Genero

This toolbox contains a series of lessons, activities and tools to facilitate gender analysis with savings groups. It is meant to be used by the group promoter/ animator and describes several exercises on self-esteem, gender relations, systems of beliefs, discrimination and gender-based violence.

El  material contiene una serie de dinámicas, actividades y herramientas para facilitar el desarrollo y análisis de género con los grupos de ahorro. Esta es una cartilla metodológica para la promotora en la que se describe paso a paso varias dinámicas para los temas de género, autoestima, relaciones de género, sistema de creencias, discriminación y violencia de género.

(Only available in Spanish / Solamente en español)

Manual 1: Women and Enterprise: Managing Income Generating Activities (guide for the animator/facilitator)
Manuel 1: Femmes et Entreprenariat : Gérer son Activité Génératrice de Revenus avec Profit ( guide pour l’animateur)

This manual is composed of two main modules: 1) Managing income generating Activities for profit and 2) business success. These two themes are developed both at the level of groups and at the level of associations. An inseparable link exists between the two themes: Managing income generating activities allows women to optimize their revenues while succeeding in business leads to more dynamic enterprises.

Le présent document est composé de deux principaux modules: Gérer son AGR avec profit et Réussir son entreprise. Ces deux thèmes sont développés respectivement au niveau des groupes et des associations. Un lien indissociable existe entre les deux thèmes : Gérer son activité génératrice de revenu avec profit permet aux femmes de mieux optimiser leurs revenus et le module « Réussir son Entreprise » doit aboutir à la mise en place d’une entreprise plus complète et dynamique.

(Only available in French / français)

Manual 1: Women and Enterprise: Managing Income Generating Activities (guide for the Facilitator trainer)
Manuel 1 – Femmes et Entreprenariat : Gérer son Activité Génératrice de Revenus avec Profit (guide pour le formateur des animateurs)

This guide represents intends to strengthen the ability of the trainer to develop initiatives for wealth creation through the promotion of income-generating activities with the women members of savings groups. It offers some techniques and skills of animation that the animators will use to facilitate the transmission of the six themes of women entrepreneurship in the savings groups.

Ce guide représente un outil pédagogique de formation des animateurs dans le cadre de renforcement des groupes « Epargner pour le Changement »en entreprenariat féminin. Il entend renforcer la capacité des animateurs à développer des initiatives de création de richesse via la promotion des activités génératrices de revenus auprès des femmes membres des groupes EPC. Ainsi, le guide du formateur propose certaines techniques et compétences d’animation que les animateurs utiliseront pour faciliter la transmission des six thèmes de l’entreprenariat féminin dans les groupes d’épargne.

(Only available in French / français)

MANUAL 2: WOMEN AND CITIZENSHIP: Citizenship and Women’s Rights
MANUEL 2 : FEMMES ET CITOYENNETE : Citoyenneté et Droits des Femmes-CDF

The guide is divided in two main modules: Citizenship and Women’s Rights; Women and Elections. Citizenship and Women’s Rights is developed at the group level, whereas Women and Elections is developed at the level of women leaders associations. There is an inextricable link between these two topics: Citizenship and Women’s Rights brings attention to good citizenship practices and also provides an introduction to political life that can serve as a catalyst for women becoming elected representatives in the socio-political sphere. The two themes contribute to the social and political empowerment of women. The second module of this guide focuses on the themes of Citizenship and Women’s Rights.

Le manuel est composé de deux principaux modules : Citoyenneté et Droits des Femmes ; Femmes et Elections. Ces deux thèmes sont développés au niveau des groupes tandis que seul le thème de le thème Femmes et Election est développé au niveau des associations des femmes leaders. Un lien indissociable existe entre les deux thèmes : Citoyenneté et Droits des Femmes peut faire appel à a des attitudes de bonnes pratiques citoyennes mais aussi une connaissance en vie politique peut être un catalyseur pour la représentation socio-politique des femmes dans les instances de décision. Les deux thèmes contribuent à l’autonomisation sociale et politique des femmes.

doc-iconCase Studies, Research, and Articles

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Beyond Financial Services: A Synthesis of Studies on the Integration of Savings Groups and Other Developmental Activities

This paper summarizes the findings of AKF’s Learning Initiative regarding the sustainability of SGs and of the other activities, as well as the benefits of the other activity. It explores the internal and contextual factors that influence sustainability, replicability and outcomes. Finally, it concludes with some preliminary thoughts about good practice and some areas where further research would be useful. This also provides guidance that would be useful to anyone considering a financial linkage project.


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