Learning Activities

Welcome to the PQGs learning activities page. We hope you find this information useful as you introduce the PQGs to your teams, partners, and anyone who wants to learn more about the Quality Guidelines. This exercise is designed to be an interactive experience for participants, and we recommend that it be used in conjunction with the PowerPoint provided (1). This presentation provides an introduction to how the PQGs were developed and how each principle was conceived.

As you start the learning activity, make sure that each team has a set of game cards (2) and a game board (3). Give participants 20 minutes to read over the cards and match each card to the appropriate principle. The objective of the game is not get all answers right, but rather to familiarize participants with the principles while having fun. Once participants have completed the matching exercise, go over each of the principles in some detail so that participants are clear on the content of each. Again, you might want to use the PowerPoint to review each principle and lead a discussion on implementation channels.

Finally, you also have access to the PQGs graphic chart (4), which summarizes each of the PQGs and their elements. This can be used as an answer key for the matching game.

With any questions, please contact Eloisa Devietti at slwg@seepnetwork.org.

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